Social Media Inspiration: Sioux Falls Edition


If you’re one of those creative types, you know how difficult it can be at times to get a solid idea rolling, especially when it comes to an engaging social media post or blog entry. No matter how deep you reach into your creativity vault, nothing seems to stand out when translated from brain to computer screen. Don’t let  frustration or lack of motivation stop you from posting on your company’s social pages or blogs.  If you go too long without communication, your fans and followers might start to wonder why you’ve abandoned your online platforms.

Today, we want to share several businesses in the Sioux Falls, South Dakota area that utilize social media in an awesome way.  Take these examples as inspiration for your next online post:

1. Avera McKennan


Courtesy: Avera Health YouTube

Avera’s latest marketing campaign, “My Avera Story” adds a human element to their social media. The health care organization uses amazing, personal stories that tug at the heartstrings to increase brand awareness and engagement on their Facebook and Youtube pages. Consumers want businesses that will listen to them and Avera is effectively tapping into this need through this social campaign.

2. All City Pet Care West

all city 3

Courtesy: All City Pet Care West Facebook

What’s better than a Facebook news feed full of fuzzy, cute faces? Using real photos of what’s happening around the veterinary office is a great way to connect with pet owners and show what they have to offer. It also increases their chance of having their posts shared by fans and followers. In addition to promoting services, All City Pet Care provides snapshots of adoptable animals looking for a new family. Posts are short, to the point and most importantly, visual.


3. AMaVo


Courtesy: AMaVo Facebook

Local clothing retailer AMaVo does a fantastic job of providing original, eye-catching content across their social sites. They also cross-promote their social networks, advertising on Facebook that they have a presence on Pinterest and featuring blog posts on their Facebook page, and so on. The above post is a great call-to-action, encouraging their followers to check them out on other social networks.

4. Karmazin Family Dentistry


Courtesy: Karmazin Family Dentistry Facebook

No matter where you work, your social media audience loves to see company employees in action. The above post from Karmazin Family Dentistry gives a sneak peak into a recent dental conference. If your company has representatives going to special events or seminars, let your followers in on the action, like Karmazin does.

5. Pomegranate Market


Courtesy: Pomegranate Market Facebook

Pomegranate Market appeals well to its niche by posting timely, informative entries. In addition to photos of store displays, Pomegranate shares interesting articles from the natural food industry, promotes events and educational sessions, and highlights new product offerings. Sharing information relevant to your target audience improves social media engagement, which is why Pomegranate has a following of over 4,200 people. (Not to mention, Pomegranate employees take time to respond to questions on their Facebook wall. This is a must when it comes to businesses on social media.)

Do you know a company that’s doing well on social media? What do they do differently than their competition? Leave your answers in the comments.


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