How “Blood Moon” Lunar Eclipses Relate to Your Web Presence


Courtesy: NASA;

Get ready, astronauts: you won’t want to miss tonight’s space show.

In the early morning hours of April 15, residents of North and South America will get a fantastic view of the first total lunar eclipse in a tetrad (which is basically a fancy word for a sequence of four lunar eclipses without a partial eclipse in between). However, tonight’s eclipse will be a little different, resulting in a visual rarity called a “Blood Moon”. That phenomenon pictured above is named for the way the sun’s rays shine through the Earth’s atmosphere and cast a reddish hue on the moon, making for quite a spectacular event.

Ready for another space metaphor relating to digital marketing? Of course you are.

Let’s liken your brand’s web presence to the moon. Certainly, you know what the moon is, but what is meant by web presence? When you search your name or company’s name, what comes up in the search results? Is it good or bad? What is your website like? Is it enticing enough to draw in traffic or is it scaring potential customers away?  What social networks do you use? Are you using them often? Are you using them well?

After you discern the answers to these questions, we can take the comparison between the moon and your web presence to the next level.

Here are two scenarios that can result during the eclipse of your figurative moon:

  1. Your web presence is ultimately eclipsed (obscured) by the shadow of your competitors.
  2. Your web presence stands out among the competition in visual wonder, resulting in a blood moon eclipse.

Which eclipsed moon is the most like your web presence? Take a closer look at the way your online platforms are performing and make notes on things you can do better. If your content is dull, fix it. If you’re not engaging your fans as often or as well as you should, come up with a strategic way to connect and relate with them.

After all, you want your presence in the digital universe to have a lasting, profound effect on web users, right?

This digital universe needs more blood moons. Is your business’ web presence one of them?


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