The Mars Greenhouse Approach to Content Marketing


Courtesy: NASA/

In 2021, NASA says there will be greenhouses on Mars.

It’s part of a newly announced experiment that examines how plants grow on the barren red planet. NASA states the probe will lift off  in mid-2020 and if all goes well, the mobile greenhouse will arrive at its destination in early 2021. The plants will be completely contained in a rover, eliminating the chance for Earth life to contaminate Martian soil.  NASA says the greenhouse is just the first step in creating a “long-term, sustainable base” on Mars and its success depends on the future of human colonization on the planet.

Whether you realize it or not, the Mars Plant Experiment has a lot to do with your blog and social media content. Since we’re suckers for space parallels, we like to think our content is a type of “Mars Greenhouse Experiment” of its own. Think about it: we’re planting our content seeds (blogs, social posts, etc), watching them grow via analytics and seeing if it works for the type of environment (blog, social media sites, etc) we raise it in. Ultimately, we’re looking to cultivate our content so that it thrives in a sustainable way.

Here are 5 ways to amp up your content strategy based on the Mars Greenhouse Experiment:




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