Wanna be a Digital Astronaut? Basic Training has started!


Happy July 1! Today, we’re unveiling a new tCloud project that’s been in the making for several months: tCloud University!

tCloud University is an online learning website with classes for beginners to experts on social media, digital marketing, graphics &  photography, and more. Students can advance through 4 levels of courses, earning basic training badges and working their way toward earning Digital Astronaut status.

Right now, we’re in our soft launch stage, meaning we have several classes functioning currently with a roster of upcoming classes. The site is up and running but we want your feedback and your experiences so we can make it the best online learning platform possible. Additionally, classes have been slashed by 50%. That’s right, you can actually take one of our month-long classes for $10. But, there’s also a $10 off coupon code going around, which you’ll find on our Facebook page. So, basically, courses are FREE right now for a limited time.

tCloud University is an ongoing project of tCloud Solutions. If you have any suggestions for improvement or if you want to be a Digital Astronaut Trainer (online instructor), we want to hear from you!


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