Kaleb Nation’s Secrets for Viral Success | Exclusive Interview



At only 25 years old, internet entrepreneur, TV personality and author Kaleb Nation has discovered the secret to virality.

Like Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey and a number of other young online entreprenuers before him, Nation has found monetary success in the digital world. The college dropout has successfully branded himself as a creative internet guru, resulting in millions of views on YouTube and generating an income based solely on the Internet. Eventually, that success caught the attention of major companies like Taco Bell and Ford. After all, if he could do it, how could they?

His inspiring story is all part of a new project called Million Hits Secret, a training program through which he shares his online business model with businesses, brand managers and marketers all over the world.

tCloud Solutions’ Social Media Specialist Katie Parr had the pleasure of interviewing Nation about the newly-released project and how it seeks to transform the way people conduct business online, particularly through social media.

Katie Parr: What inspired you to embark on the Million Hits Secret project?

Kaleb Nation: Six years ago, when I was finishing my first novel, I started making YouTube videos for fun and shared them with my blog readers. Suddenly, my videos started to get a LOT of views — I now have over 50 million on one channel and 12 million on another, not even counting the 10 million hits to my websites! It turned into my second career: I’d write fantasy and sci-fi books for half of the time and produce funny YouTube videos for the rest.

It didn’t take long for companies to approach me, asking how I did it. I had no idea that so many successful business owners simply don’t understand how to use social media to generate sales. I worked as a consultant for many years, then was contact by a company that wanted to turn my experience into a training system. Fast forward a year of planning, 5 months of filming, 50,000 words of content… and Million Hits Secret was born.

KP: Describe this training system and why it’s important for businesses and entrepreneurs to take advantage of it.

KN: Million Hits Secret is six years of online experience condensed into a step-by-step program for people who want to make money online and boost their business with social media.

To put it into plain English, I took everything I learned from launching successful websites and viral videos, picked out everything that worked and generated a profit, and wrote out the exact steps in a way that even someone who’s never used social media can understand. Then I filmed it all!

I hate wasting time. Entrepreneurs are very busy and don’t want to spend six years figuring it all out like I did. So I created Million Hits Secret to show what actually works in the real world.

KP: Who will get the most out of this training system?

KN: Entrepreneurs and business owners will definitely use it most. It’s like a crash course on how to turn social media into a machine for business. Authors and people who want to be successful YouTubers will definitely benefit from it too—I actually show how I went from being too terrified to appear on camera to making YouTube my full time job!

I wouldn’t be surprised if other people use it just to generate some extra side income without appearing on camera at all. That’s actually how I got started; I didn’t plan on it becoming my career! So while I focus mostly on the social media aspect, it’s really all pointing to one solid outcome: how can regular people use the Internet to make money and eventually quit their 9-5 job?

KP: What’s one thing aspiring internet entrepreneurs don’t realize before launching their business online?

The fastest way to make money with social media is to stop thinking about making money with social media. I know that sounds counterintuitive but it’s very important. If you start a Twitter account just to rake in tons of cash, it won’t work because you’re missing the social in social media. The people you are selling to are real people, not numbers in a follower count.

I can say without a moment of hesitation that my success is thanks to the people I’ve connected with online. They’ve made me successful. But just look at my Twitter account: how many tweets do you see where I’m actually pushing any of my products? It’s all about giving before you can receive.

KP: What would you say to small businesses that won’t open a social media page or are on the fence about creating one?

KN: How are you still in business?…or in a nicer way… if Taco Bell, American Airlines, Apple, Dell, and J.K. Rowling can join social media, maybe you should, too.

KP: What are some of your predictions for the future of social networking?

KN: I think Vine is the next big thing, if it isn’t already. Media is constantly being digested in smaller and smaller formats. We hopped from movies to TV, from TV to YouTube, and now from YouTube to Vine. Every platform will continue to thrive but I believe Vine (or at least a similar spinoff that might not be invented yet) is the next media empire.

KP: How can someone go about learning from the Million Hits Secret system?

KN: It’s super easy! Just go to and join the team. I take care of the rest.

For more on Kaleb Nation’s success in social media, log on to KalebNation.comMillionHitsSecret.comand Twitter, @KalebNation.