Social Media Supernova

Social Media Supernova: Disney’s March Magic Campaign Sparks Internet Buzz

Once in a while, we like to talk about creative companies making a ripple in the digital universe, a social media supernova, if you will. Want to ignite an online chatter-storm about your brand?  Maybe you should take some pointers from today’s featured company: Disney.

It’s no surprise that Disney has a knack for creativity. Just in time for March Madness, Disney Parks has given the annual basketball tournament a magical makeover. Dubbed “March Magic“, Disney puts an innovative spin on the competition by creating “teams” based on popular attractions at Walt Disney World in Florida and Disneyland in California. Facebook users can vote for their favorites on Disney World & Disneyland’s official Facebook pages. Disney fans can even predict the winning teams at home by using their own bracket and sharing their conversations about it using the hashtag #DisneySide.

Here’s a look at Disney Parks’s March Magic East & West Coast teams (as well as official bracket) shared on the company’s blog earlier this week:

Why is this digital campaign so awesome?

Here are a few reasons the campaign works:

1.  It blends social media campaigns with other marketing initiatives: Disney isn’t making this an exclusive social media campaign. Instead, the company seamlessly ties it in with its year-long marketing efforts where visitors, celebrities and other icons are encouraged to show off their “Disney Side”. This spans multiple platforms, including billboards, commercials, social media, print and online advertisements, in-park promotion and other mediums.

2. It’s timely: It’s March so that means everyone and their brother is talking about March Madness. Why not play off that conversation and point it back toward your business? That’s what we in the marketing industry like to call “pure genius”.

3. It stirs up emotion: If you’ve gone to Disney World or Disneyland at any point in your life, you’re probably going to have a reaction to the teams represented in the March Magic brackets. You going feel a personal connection (or resentment) to certain attractions or characters and want your favorites to win.  Which leads us to the next point…

4. It gets brand supporters involved: This campaign gets Disney fans doing something. They may not be able to take a trip to one of the parks this year, but they can easily show their friends and family their March Magic brackets. Ultimately, this boosts positive feelings toward the brand, which is exactly what Disney wants.

What are your thoughts on Disney’s March Magic campaign? We want to know! (We won’t cry if you say you’re not a fan. Okay, maybe a little.) Leave your opinions in the comments.


Social Media Supernova: Facebook looks into buying Titan Aerospace

Photo credit: TechCrunch

Photo credit: TechCrunch

These are not the drones you are looking for.

No, they’re the drones Facebook has their eye on as the social media company looks to purchase Titan Aerospace.

The report, originally launched from technology site TechCrunch, says the acquisition aims to create affordable Internet access to third world countries and other areas without a reliable connection. The price tag? TechCrunch says the deal is worth $60 million, far less than the company’s latest purchase of “WhatsApp”, which totaled $19 billion. Yes, with a “B”.

The Titan Aerospace deal puts Facebook in direct competition with Google’s “Project Loon”, which basically has the same goal but with balloons, not drones.

What does this mean for the digital universe?

  • Increased Viewership: The amount of people logging on to social media networks is about to skyrocket (by about 5 billion — or at least, that’s the hope), which means getting a message out online becomes more powerful and more important than ever.
  • Extreme Brand Loyalty: Facebook has the right idea on getting the Internet out to the masses. While that’s all awesome and humanitarian-like, the company also has a powerful business opportunity that puts them in the technology forefront. Per TechCrunch:

“If Facebook can use Titan’s drones to be someone’s first experience on the Internet, they’re likely to get deeply hooked into the social network’s service and eventually become a lucrative lifetime user.”

That’s good news for Facebook. Maybe not such good news for Google.

  •  Continuing Changes on the Marketing Landscape: As people across the globe become more connected in the digital realm, Internet sales and marketing will be in a constant state of evolution as it adjusts to these new consumers’ habits, wants, needs and likes.  Because of this, the importance of businesses utilizing digital marketing as opposed to traditional forms of marketing will become even more pronounced. 

Bottom line: Technology companies are going above and beyond to bring the wonders of the Internet to everyone humanly possible.  If you’re a company looking to grow your business, not having a proper presence in the digital universe — or avoiding it altogether — is a dangerous move. Not sure how to start leaving the right kind of digital footprint? We can help.