2014 graduation

5 High-Paying Digital Marketing Jobs for Entry-Level Graduates


Congratulations. You’ve just earned your diploma.

Right now, you’re probably still digging yourself out from the mountain graduation cards and using your free time watching Netflix. Chances are, you haven’t spent more than a few minutes pondering your next move in the game of life. And that’s okay. For now. Soon, you’ll be faced with the ultimate question: Where do I go from here?

You’ll  hear a lot of nay-sayers out there during your job search. Many will point to a wavering unemployment rate, an unsteady business climate and a recent article from USA Today that says new graduates may have a hard time landing a job in their field. That pessimism is expected to continue over time.

But it’s not all bad news As a matter of fact, marketing jobs are expected to grow 14% within the next decade.  Public relations will grow faster than average by 24%.  If you’ve just earned your degree in communications or marketing, the future is exceptionally bright (we’re talking supernova bright), especially in the world of social media and digital marketing.

Whether you want an Internet-oriented marketing job or haven’t thought about it yet, here are 5 jobs that may jump start your career in a way you never thought possible:

1. Social Media Strategist

Social media-savvy, educated workers are in high demand.  Businesses have started to realize the importance of branding on social networks as well as the need for someone who understands the platforms. Enter the Social Media Strategist.  Many wouldn’t think it’s possible getting paid all day to surf through social networks, but it is indeed a real and profitable career. That’s part of the reason why major universities are now adding social media-focused programs.  With the average Social Media Strategist making $61,000 a year, it’s one marketing grads should look into.

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist

Businesses in every industry are desperately seeking answers on their digital performance.  They want to know how their social pages are performing, how they can improve their rank on Google and what to do next. Who’s the ideal candidate for this growing need? Someone who is analytical and loves numbers.  Someone who can understand insights and trends, who’s able to inform the company of better practices to reach their customers.  SEO Specialists also focus on search rankings and keywords and other optimization techniques that makes a company’s web presence front and center. The average salary for an SEO Specialist: $69,000.

3. Blogger or Social Media Copywriter

What used to be considered a hobby is now a legitimate, full-time career. From freelance positions to job openings at major corporations, bloggers and copywriters are in demand. As more marketers focus on content marketing, more businesses are making room in the budget for bloggers. Bloggers are on the lower end when it comes to salary, but the average is still a cushy $43,000.

4. Public Relations Specialist

It’s been called the “Number 1 Hot Career” (Yahoo Education), “Best Creative Job” (U.S. News), and “A Skyrocketing Career” (CulpWrit.com) by critics, but you don’t have to go to a premier to be a part of this blockbuster. Public Relations Specialists are needed everywhere and with this position predicted to be at an all-time high by 2020, it’s definitely something to get behind. The national average for PR Specialists is approximately $46,000.

5. Graphic Design/Online Advertising

While the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 7% slower than average growth rate for graphic designers, the position is still widely needed in the digital marketing field. Companies are looking for skilled workers to design logos, websites, content for social media sites, and banner ads. Graphic design may be dwindling, but digital advertising and promotional design is certainly picking up.  The average payout for designers is around $44,150.