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tCloud’s Take: Things People Do For Five Dollars


What would you do for $5?

While some would hardly consider that viable compensation to drive down the street, others have a much different idea.

Enter Fiverr®, a website full of content creators willing to do anything (design, advertising, interviews, promotional videos) for $5. No, we’re not joking. Yes, it actually exists.

Launched in 2010, Fiverr® has become a creative global marketplace for small businesses to take advantage of advertising solutions. Sure, you can set a budget of $5 a day for Facebook advertising, but you can also get video testimonials, blog posts, radio commercials, logos, funny Youtube videos and more for the same amount through Fiverr®. This begs the question: Is the website a good option for your small business’s online marketing needs?

Here’s the pros and cons we came up with:


  • You receive buzz-worthy content for your social media or website platforms
  • You’re not spending the entirety of your marketing budget in one place
  • If you use it for buying content, you create important connections all over the world
  • If you are using the platform as a content creator through your business, you generate new client/customer leads


  • The quality of work may not be what you expected
  • Some platforms charge extra for convenience
  • There’s always the chance you may not receive your product after paying for it (but keep in mind, you’d only be out about $5).

Overall, Fiverr® offers businesses with a small online marketing budget a unique alternative.  Where else will you find someone willing to hang up your flyer around London or write your message in the sand?

Do you use Fiverr®? Would you use it for your business needs or offer your services through the site? Let us know in the comments.