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tCloud’s Take: Best 2014 April Fools Pranks on the Web

With the web a-twitter about the latest and greatest April Fools shenanigans, we decided to make a countdown list of our favorite internet-based April Fools pranks.

Here’s tCloud’s top five:

5. Samsung Fingers


Forget smartwatches. Samsung is pioneering the technological joke world with a wearable smart phone in the form of a glove. The electronics company released the April Fools’ joke on their blog on Tuesday, highlighting the product’s laughable features, including gestures that make and ignore calls, awkward solar-powered charging, and style variations.

4. Think Geek’s Rosetta Stone: Learn to Speak Klingon


Star Trek lovers rejoice! With the help of the newly-released Rosetta Stone program, learning Klinon is now as easy as A-B-C. Kidding, of course. Online retailer Think Geek featured this pretend language learning program on their site, much to the disappointment of sci-fi fans everywhere. Why Klingon? “Klingon may be a difficult language for humans to wrap their smooth heads around, but it’s made even more complicated by the constant threat that saying the wrong thing might accidentally land you in a battle to the death,” read the product description.

3. Google Maps Pokemon Challenge


In the comical spirit of the April Fools’ holiday, Google released an interactive Pokemon Challenge on the newest version of Google Maps. The goal: leave no stone unturned, mountain un-climbed or city un-zoomed as you search for Pokemon on the loose.  “Dozens of wild Pokémon have taken up residence on streets, amidst forests and atop mountains throughout Google Maps. To find and catch ‘em all, you’ll need to tap into your inner Pokémon Master,” said Google.

2. Google +’s David Hasselhoff Photobomb 


After you round up those flighty Pokemon, Google has yet another challenge for you. Upload your photos to your Google + page with the hashtag “Hoffsome” and the social network automatically Auto Awesomes your photos with a surprise appearance by David Hasselhoff. There’s nothing better than celebrity photobombs, right?

1. Netflix’s Sizzling Bacon and Rotisserie Chicken films


Look out, Academy Awards, this one is an automatic Oscar. Today, online-streaming service Netflix released two lip-smacking features: Sizzling Bacon and Rotisserie Chicken. Both are rated G but may potentially cause viewers to drool on their keyboards or mobile devices.

What April Fools’ Day pranks were your favorite? Let us know your picks in the comments.