New Era of Social Media-Inspired Body Modification



You are now entering the selfie twilight zone.

Not too long ago, we posted a story on this blog as well as a feature on Social Media Today about the narcissism that comes along with the selfie craze on social networking sites. Like previously mentioned, selfies have played an active role in teen suicide attempts, depression and cyber-bullying.  In the past few years, stories have surfaced about social media users wanting plastic surgery to look better in their selfies. The newest craze is just as ridiculous.

According to an Elle article posted this week, women are opting for “hand-lifts” before taking the perfect engagement ring selfie. One New York City area doctor says the fad has increased 40 percent since the world was introduced to the social selfie.

“As we age, the skin on the hands can lose fat, becoming more thin and bony with prominent veins and wrinkles,”  dermatologist Dr. Ariel Ostad told Elle. “Social media has certainly led people to be more concerned about their appearance and how they present themselves, so if women can receive a quick procedure to make themselves feel better and younger, it’s something that they are willing to do.”

The 10-minute procedure consists of an injection of Juvederm into the hands with instant results. The article says the procedure costs around $1,200 and is expected to last up to nine months.

So, here’s the question: would YOU ever consider getting a hand-lift before taking an engagement selfie? Why or why not? Leave your thoughts in the comments.