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Google’s Twitter Advice

What starts a legitimate question on Google can quickly turn into a laughable moment, as demonstrated quite recently in our social media office.  The following are screenshots of what comes up when you do a simple search for how often you should post a tweet on Twitter.



First of all, tweeting and driving is hardly a good combination and is more than likely illegal in your state. Now, tweeting while drinking juice or drilling? That’s just pure talent right there.



Apparently, this is a common concern among social media-savvy mamas. Well, you have t minus 9 months in counting. Please don’t use every minute of it spamming your followers, or else you may land in Twitter Jail. (Yes, Twitter Jail is for real.)



Probably not very often, considering your main focus should be on, well, running. PS: We won’t laugh when you accidentally run into a light pole or trip over someone’s dog in the park.




Oh, that Twitter Jail…it just makes tweeting so complicated.



Wow. Just…no. What happens in the bathroom STAYS in the bathroom.



Thanks, Google Auto-Search feature for making searches a little more exciting.

What’s the silliest thing you’ve stumbled across while searching terms on Google? Leave it in the comments!

10 Places You’d Rather Be Right Now

Admit it: you’ve got a case of the Fridays. Whether you have wanderlust or you’re just ready to get out of the office, these breathtaking destinations are sure to steal your heart. Let your mind do the traveling in today’s SlideShare.

Weddings, Live-Tweeted: A New Social Media Service Takes the Cake


The concept of “live-tweeting” is simple: you log on to your mobile Twitter account and describe via words, photos and hashtags what is happening before your eyes. Think of it like social media-driven journalism. Sure, live-tweeting is expected during sporting events and concerts, but what would you say if people are now paying for specialists to live-tweet their wedding?

It’s a service that’s catching on in New York, specifically at W Hotels, as reported by HLN TV. While the idea isn’t completely far-fetched due to the popularity of live-tweeting, it seems many aren’t so keen on the idea.

However, W Hotels believes this is the cutting edge in wedding services.

“We’ve been noticing a huge trend among our wedding clientele to integrate social media into the wedding experience,” said Alyssa Kiefer, the Global Social Media Strategist for W Hotels. “Think about it — every milestone event, whether it’s a wedding, engagement, graduation, etc., is documented through guests’ personal social channels. Instagram, Twitter and Facebook have become the status quo. So many of our couples are asking guests to use a specific hashtag when uploading photos and we even have guests update their Facebook status while standing at the altar! That got us thinking… we at W pride ourselves on our “Whatever/Whenever” service, so what better way to stay ahead of the curve than to offer social capabilities as part of a wedding package with W Hotels? It’s one less thing a bride or groom has to worry about.”

What do you think? Do you think brides and grooms will start paying to have their wedding live-tweeted by a professional service? Let us know in the comments.

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tCloud’s Take: Facebook Prepares to Launch Multi-Million Dollar Video Ads

Courtesy PR Web

Courtesy PR Web

Look out, mobile Facebook users, video advertisements are coming your way.

The situation: Within the next several months, Facebook says it will roll out 15-second video ads on mobile sites. Just like videos shared by friends or sponsored pages on your news feed, these premium ads will play automatically without sound and stop if you scroll past. However, if you tap on them, the screen expands and you can watch the full commercial with sound. (Here’s what they’ll look like.)

The price tag: If you’re a business owner thinking about possibly promoting your company through these video ads, get ready to dig deep into those pockets. Way deep. Facebook says the average price for premium video ads is anywhere from $1 million to $2.5 million per day.

The result: While this sounds like an enticing way for profitable businesses to gain more exposure, there is a fear that the videos will be a turn-off to mobile internet users and cause backlash instead of a positive experience. However, many analysts don’t think so. In fact, they believe it will be great for Facebook’s stock.

Analyst Victor Anthony told MarketWatch he believes Facebook’s delay in video ads has been very strategic.

“Rollout was/is slow because Facebook wants to ensure that the user experience will not be disrupted,” Anthony said. “With this launch they are communicating that they now feel comfortable that the user experience will not be compromised.”

And, Facebook is planning on taking only the highest quality advertisements for its premium video ad program.

“To make sure Premium Video Ads are as good as other content people see in their News Feeds, we’re working with a company called Ace Metrix to help us review and assess how engaging the creative is for each ad — before it appears on Facebook,” said Facebook. “Ace Metrix will allow us to objectively measure the creative quality of the video in the Facebook environment, and highlight performance indicators for advertisers such as watchability, meaningfulness and emotional resonance. We’re taking this step in order to maintain high-quality ads on Facebook and help advertisers understand what’s working to maximize their return on investment.”

Here’s what we think: First of all, video advertising is not a new venture. Google’s been on the video ad train since 2006. Online viewers have watched promotional ads before streaming videos on YouTube and Hulu for years. However, what is new is the notion of video advertising through a widely-used social network like Facebook.

The fact is online video advertisements work. A 2010 Nielson study shows viewers had much greater brand and message recall and greater likability for online video ads as opposed to their traditional television counterparts.  Of course, the more interactive these video ads are, the better click-through and conversion rates for the represented company.

Katie Parr, Social Media Specialist here at tCloud Solutions, says she doesn’t believe these video ads will annoy Facebook users in the long run.

“I think at the beginning users won’t necessarily care for them, but they’ll adjust to the changes very quickly, just like they do for layout changes and other Facebook fixes,” she said. “As long as Facebook keeps the video ads to a minimum, which they are already planning on doing, I don’t think it’d be a problem at all.”

What do you think? We want to know. Leave your thoughts in the comments below. (Yes, that rhymed. We like to pretend we’re poets once in a while.)

Leaving Impactful Digital Footprints


When: March 27, 2014 2 pm Central

Where: A computer near you

Cost: FREE

We’ve all heard about how carbon footprints impact our planet, but how much do you know about a digital footprint?  Many times, this term is used in direct reference to consumers and their online habits. However, businesses can also make ripples in the digital universe.  In a culture saturated in social media, e-mail marketing, digital newsletters and interactive web content, how do businesses stand out among the noise? How does a brand measure the impact of its digital footprint? What are the ramifications for leaving behind a tarnished image—or none at all?

Social Media Strategist Katie Parr of tCloud Solutions explains why leaving impactful digital footprints is crucial to company success and gives examples for establishing a strong and innovative online presence.

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The Ever-Changing Digital Terrain

We don’t live in the same marketing world that your parents grew up in.

On the contrary, we are surrounded by a constantly changing digital world, full of new technologies and strategies to enhance the way people do business. So, if you’re still sending out mailers and relying on billboards and print ads, you are missing out on the opportunities in the digital universe: the Internet.

We here at tCloud like to see ourselves as astronauts in the digital universe. We’re embarking on new and strategic missions to put your business on the charts by using a combination of social media, digital advertising campaigns, online contests and more. While we’re not into buying drones like Facebook just yet, going above and beyond by using innovative techniques is definitely on our horizon.

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