New Facebook feature listens in to what you’re doing


Soon, Facebook won’t have to ask what you’re doing; it’ll just know.

Facebook app users were in an uproar when they discovered the social media giant is releasing a new feature that activates the microphone on their smartphones to listen in on their surroundings. Essentially, the feature was created to use a sound recognition software to determine what TV show or movie a user is watching or what song they’re listening to. However, the simple fact that Facebook would be listening in was a uncomfortable thought to some users, so much so that a petition arose to halt the app from being released in the first place.

Currently, the feature is opt-in only, which means you have the ability to disable it. However, the discomfort for some users still remains.

This isn’t the first time a brand in the technology sector has had the ability to tap into your surroundings. According to Business Insider, Microsoft’s Xbox Kinect feature is always on, watching and listening. Pretty shady stuff right there.  Microsoft announced they are now selling a console without the Kinect option, making it cheaper and less Big Brother.

Of course, one of the biggest questions on everyone’s mind isn’t whether Facebook will continue with the feature. It all comes down to the blurry line of privacy with our smart devices. In an age where technology is advancing at an incredibly rapid rate, will our privacy continue to take the back seat? Will privacy become nonexistent?

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Google’s Twitter Advice

What starts a legitimate question on Google can quickly turn into a laughable moment, as demonstrated quite recently in our social media office.  The following are screenshots of what comes up when you do a simple search for how often you should post a tweet on Twitter.



First of all, tweeting and driving is hardly a good combination and is more than likely illegal in your state. Now, tweeting while drinking juice or drilling? That’s just pure talent right there.



Apparently, this is a common concern among social media-savvy mamas. Well, you have t minus 9 months in counting. Please don’t use every minute of it spamming your followers, or else you may land in Twitter Jail. (Yes, Twitter Jail is for real.)



Probably not very often, considering your main focus should be on, well, running. PS: We won’t laugh when you accidentally run into a light pole or trip over someone’s dog in the park.




Oh, that Twitter Jail…it just makes tweeting so complicated.



Wow. Just…no. What happens in the bathroom STAYS in the bathroom.



Thanks, Google Auto-Search feature for making searches a little more exciting.

What’s the silliest thing you’ve stumbled across while searching terms on Google? Leave it in the comments!

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Are You Addicted? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Let’s be serious: technology is a good thing. Sometimes, it’s a really good thing. But we all know where too much of a good thing leads us… The widely-traveled path overflowing with cat videos, hashtags, retweets and selfies.

Check out this infographic we put together on some surprising smartphone/internet/social media usage:


Spritz: New App Could Change Reading Forever

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

The simple act of reading a book has already been revolutionized by technology. From the invention of the printing press to audio consoles and e-readers, novels have gotten quite the face lift in recent years.

Now, reading is being re-imagined once again.

Several weeks ago, Boston-based technology company Spritz announced it has been secretly working on a new application for three years which aims to develop speed-reading habits in consumers.

Here’s how it works: According to Spritz, the human eye and brain spends 80% of its energy moving the eyeball to read a sentence. The other 20% of the energy is used to comprehend what is written. Eyes skim over a sentence, comprehending a word based on its Optimal Recognition Point (ORP). The Spritz app highlights this section of the word on the slim screen, called a redicle. The app starts out slow (typically around the average reading speed of 250 words a minute) and can be adjusted to flash words at you at a rate of up to 1,000 words a minute, all without physically moving your eye.

How fast is 1,000 words a minute? Think of it this way: that Harry Potter book sitting on your bookshelf can be finished in just over an hour. Or, you could knock out this article in 22 seconds.

“We’re reinventing the way people read by eliminating the obstacles associated with traditional reading on mobile devices,” said Co-Founder and CEO Frank Waldman in a statement. “As smart devices continue to change shape and become increasingly smaller, Spritz enables users to read comfortably and conveniently. Our technology can be used to read emails, text messages, social media streams, maps or web content and can be integrated onto any mobile device – the options are almost limitless. Reading has never been easier, more efficient or more effective.”

Not only that, but recent studies have shown stronger reading comprehension in those who used the application.

Spritz executives say the new app will be exclusively released for Samsung Galaxy technology, including the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone and Gear 2 smartwatch.

Want a taste of the app? Follow this link and select the button in the top right corner that says “Click to Spritz”.

The Ever-Changing Digital Terrain

We don’t live in the same marketing world that your parents grew up in.

On the contrary, we are surrounded by a constantly changing digital world, full of new technologies and strategies to enhance the way people do business. So, if you’re still sending out mailers and relying on billboards and print ads, you are missing out on the opportunities in the digital universe: the Internet.

We here at tCloud like to see ourselves as astronauts in the digital universe. We’re embarking on new and strategic missions to put your business on the charts by using a combination of social media, digital advertising campaigns, online contests and more. While we’re not into buying drones like Facebook just yet, going above and beyond by using innovative techniques is definitely on our horizon.

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