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Being a Part of the Impossible


Social media can be a cruel world. In recent times, it has contributed to issues with cyber bullying, self-image and suicide, especially in younger generations. With all the negativity, it’s hard to see social media as a platform of motivation and excellence.

Until now.

In late 2013, a new social networking site was born. Called Impossible, the site encourages “a culture of giving and receiving.”  The site’s twenty-six-year-old creator, model and actress Lily Cole decided to make a social networking site based around the idea of a gift economy. Unlike other networks, Cole says any profits Impossible generates will be reinvested 100% to help build a more collaborative economy, drive social cohesion and empower individuals.

The object is simple: once signed up for an account (you can easily sign in using Facebook), users can post short statuses wishing for something non-monetary, using hash tags to show up easier in search results. They can also grant wishes and thank those who have granted their own. Statuses are also classified by location, so you can do something extra special for those living nearest you.

Will Impossible be the next break-out social network? Perhaps. Will it change the world? Most definitely.

While it seems like a great personal social network, many businesses are wondering how they can get on board.

Here’s how: an Impossible user might post something like this: “I wish someone would teach me French.” Say you work for a language learning software company or you offer private tutoring lessons. As a business, you could reach out to this user and offer him or her a free demo of your software or a free tutoring session through Skype. There’s a world of possibilities in which you can positively impact your company’s target audience. You’ll certainly feel good about be a part of a pay-it-forward community.

Check out the world of the Impossible here.

Are you a part of the Impossible social network? If so, what are your user experiences so far? Leave comments below.